Courses in Paralegal Studies


PLS 381 - Introduction to Paralegalism. 3 hrs. An introduction to the profession, including history and development, ethics, the American legal system, and paralegal skills.

PLS 382 - Civil Litigation. 3 hrs. An introduction to civil litigation - the process of resolving disputes between individuals, businesses, and government through the court system, with emphasis on procedure.

PLS 383 - Legal Research. 3 hrs. A summary of primary and secondary legal sources including reporters, digests, codes, citations, LEXIS, the Internet, and other basic research materials.

PLS 384 - Legal Drafting. 3 hrs. An introduction to writing correspondence, pleadings, discovery, legal memoranda, briefs, and other documents used in civil practice.

PLS 385 - Law Office Computing and Management. 3 hrs. A skills course which introduces computer applications in the law office, including Windows, word processing, automated litigation support, and specific law office management applications, such as timekeeping, billing, and docket control systems.

PLS 386 - Equity Practice. 3 hrs. A study of the courts of equity and their jurisdiction in the American legal system, with emphasis on domestic relations, wills, and estates.

PLS 387 - Title Searching and Loan Document Preparation. 3 hrs. An introduction to the procedure of title searching and the preparation of loan closing documents.

PLS 388 - Commercial Skills for Paralegals. 3 hrs. An introduction to transactional law and related topics, including bankruptcy, debtor-creditor law, intellectual property, and formation of business entities.

PLS 389 - Internship in Paralegal Studies. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: PLS 381, 382, 383, 384, a GPA of 2.5, and permission of the director. The course is open only to paralegal majors.

PLS 490 - Advanced Paralegalism. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: senior standing. A writing-intensive course to provide paralegal majors with a comprehensive review prior to entering the working environment or sitting for the Certified Legal Assistant examination. Open only to paralegal majors and to paralegal graduates preparing to sit for the Certified Legal Assistant Examination.

PLS 492 - Special Problems in Paralegal Studies. 1-3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of the director. Provides the opportunity to pursue a special topic or area of interest. May be repeated for a total of three hours. (Students undertaking a Senior Honors project will enroll in PLS H492.)