Edward Nissan, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Dr. Edward Nissan is a professor emeritus of Economics in the Department of Political Science, International Development, and International Affairs at The University of Southern Mississippi. He has a Ph. D. degree in Statistics and Economics from Texas A&M University. His course offerings since joining the Political Science department in 2010 have included Price Theory, Econometrics, and International Trade.

Dr. Nissan’s research covers many areas, including economic growth, economic development, gender inequality, economic inequality, business concentration, foreign direct investment, and actuarial practices in the insurance industry, His current research includes the effect of bundling in television market and a probe into questions of soft science. The latter research project is a continuation of work done at the London School of Economics while visiting as academic scholar in 2011.

Dr. Nissan's Curriculum Vitae (25 page PDF)