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Undergrad FAQs


  • Adding and Dropping Classes
  • Advising
  • Contacting Faculty
  • Where Can I Get Help?


Contacting Faculty

  • How do I contact my professor?

The best and easiest way to contact any Polymer Science & Engineering professor is by email. You can also drop by your professor's office during his/her office hours, which are listed on your syllabus. For email addresses of faculty in other departments, click here for the university's people directory.

  • How can I find out when my professor's office hours are?

Your professor’s office hours are listed  on your syllabus, which is your first and best resource for information about the class.

  •  I've emailed my professor but I haven't heard back. What should I do?

Please give your instructors 48 hours to respond to your emails. They may be getting emails from many, many students, and responding as quickly as they can in the order in which they received them.  If you need further help please see your advisor.


  • How do I know who my advisor is?

Your advisor will be listed on your SOAR Student Center page. All Polymer Science and Polymer Science & Engineering students are advised by Dr. Heather Broadhead.

  • Why do I need to be advised when I already know what classes I want to take?

Your advisor’s job is to look at your transcript and advise you which classes you need to take to graduate in four years with the degree of your choice. If you already know the classes you need to take, think of advising as a free degree audit, a double-check to make sure you don’t find yourself missing credits you need when you’re ready to graduate. Even if you are absolutely, positively sure you know what you want to take, advisement is a good chance to meet the faculty, who might have interesting suggestions for classes you might want to take in the future.

  • How will I know when advisement is?

Advisement dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.  Your advisor may contact you via your USM email address to let you know when he or she will be available during advisement, and your advisor's office phone number is listed on your SOAR page.

  • When can I enroll in classes?

After you have been advised check your Student Center for your enrollment appointment. General enrollment dates can be found in the Academic Calendar.

  • I've been advised; why can't I enroll in classes?

There are a number of reasons that you might be blocked for enrollment. It might be that your eligible-to-enroll box has not yet been checked, or it might be that there is a hold on your account. A hold on your account could be the result of an unpaid bill, a required 099 enrollment that has not been fulfilled, or a hold from the athletic department if you are an athlete. You should be able to tell from your Student Center what the problem is by clicking on the Do-Not-Enter sign, but if you have any problems, please see Dr. Broadhead or other school staff and we will happily check your account to see what has gone wrong and direct you to the appropriate person to help you get things sorted out.

 Adding and Dropping Classes 

  •  All my classes have been dropped from my schedule.  What should I do?

If your classes were there one day and gone the next, they were most likely dropped due to lack of payment. Call the business office at 601-266-4137 to find out how you can fix the situation. Once you have paid the fees, if it is past the deadline for you to add your classes back yourself on SOAR, schedule an appointment with Dr. Broadhead. IMPORTANT: Keep attending all your classes. If you are taking an online class, email your instructor and let him/her know that you have been dropped but will log back in as soon as you are reinstated.

  • How do I get into a closed class?

You will need to contact the instructor for the class in which you wish to enroll. If they allow the enrollment they will contact the English office so that you can enroll.

  • How do I add or drop a class after the deadline for dropping classes has passed?

 Please go to:

  • I'm trying to enroll in classes but SOAR won't let me.

There are three reasons that you might not be able to register.

  1. Your window is not open. To check when your SOAR window will be open, look on your student center page for enrollment dates.

  2. You have not been advised. Only your advisor can click your Eligible To Enroll button. Please contact your advisor and make an appointment.

  3. You have a hold on your account. To check to see if you have a hold, look on your student services page for a Do-Not-Enter sign. Clicking this will tell you the reason for the hold. If it is financial, please contact business services at 266-4774. If you are on probation continued or suspension, you will need to talk to Dr. Broadhead in order to sign a contract detailing your plans for improving your grades.


Where Can I Get Help?

  • I'm feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and anxious.  Who should I talk to?

If you need someone to talk to, Student Counseling Services is the place to go. You can visit their web site or call them during business hours at (601) 266-4829. If it’s after 5:00pm or on a weekend and you need to talk to someone right away, please call 601-606-HELP (4357).


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