Charles L. McCormick

Professor of Polymer Science

McCormick Group Research Page


2012Fellow Polymer Division, American Chemical Society
1997-1999Bennett Distinguished Research Professor of Science
1981-presentProfessor, Polymer Science/ Polymer Science & Engineering  University of Southern Mississippi
1977-1980Associate Professor, Polymer Science  University of Southern Mississippi
1974-1976Assistant Professor, Polymer Science  University of Southern Mississippi
1997 Visiting Professor Royal Institute of Sweden, Summer
1992Visiting Professor Cambridge University, Spring
1973-74Senior Research Chemist, AKZO
1973Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Florida
1968B.S., Chemistry, Millsaps College


Controlled free radical polymerization in aqueous media, Rational design of polymer architecture for nanomedicine, Self-assembly of stimuli-responsive block copolymers, Polymeric surfactants for Oil Spill Remediation, Conjugation and delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents, In Situ formation of polymer-stabilized nanoparticles, Associative hydrogel networks for biomedical applications, Targeted cellular delivery of siRNA/polyelectrolyte nanoparticles, Controlled release of bioactive agents.


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