Jeffrey S. Wiggins

Associate Professor of the School of Polymers


1988B.Sc., Industrial Technology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
1992Ph.D., Polymer Science, The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS;

Executive M.B.A., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

1992-1997Bayer Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, 1992 Senior Polymer Chemist
1994Manager, TPU Development; 1996 Technical Director, TPU
1997-2002Nike IHM Inc
1997Polymer Research Manager
1998Technical Director, Research and Manufacturing Engineering
2000Oregon General Manager
2003- PresentThe University of Southern Mississippi
2003-2004Visiting Scientist
2005-2011Assistant Professor
2011-2014Associate Professor and Interim School Director
2014 - presentAssociate Professor and Director School of Polymers & High Performance Materials



























Sports and High Performance Materials, Glassy Polymer Networks, Sustainable and Degradable Polymers, Reaction Extrusion and Polymer Processing.


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