Sarah E. Morgan

Associate Director and Professor



2016-presentAssociate Director, School of Polymer Science and Engineering
2015-presentCo-PI, NSF NRT INTERFACE
2014-presentDirector, NSF SusChEM: REU Site: Polymer Innovation for a Sustainable Future
2014-presentDirector, NSF RET Site for Sustainable Polymer Engineering Research
2010-presentDirector, NSF GK-12 Molecules to Muscles
2008-2014Associate Professor
2002-2008Assistant Professor
1989-2002GE Plastics, 1993, Polycarbonate Blends Group Leader; 1995, Global GELOY®/Weatherables Technology Manager; 1997, Global Technology Manager NORYL® Resins; 2001, Global Sourcing Quality Manager, Six Sigma Quality Master Black Belt
1988-89AT&T Bell Laboratories, Member of Technical Staff
1988Ph.D., Polymer Science, University of Southern Mississippi

B.A., Behavioral Science, Rice University
















Polymer surfaces and interfaces. Nanostructured materials, bio-inspired polymers,  nanocomposites, surface modification, natural and synthetic polymer surfaces and thin films, nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization.


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