Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering

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In the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, our primary goal and chief concern is the education of our students in the theory and practice of polymer science and engineering.

The Doctorate in Polymer Science and Engineering is a research-driven degree program. You will acquire knowledge through coursework, seminars, close interactions with faculty members, and primarily through conducting world-class polymer research. With a diverse faculty and research emphases, students have several fields of study from which to choose. In all cases, you will learn to approach and execute a research program in order to advance current understanding and technology.

The Masters in Polymer Science and Engineering is a coursework focused masters which includes a comprehensive thesis component. As with the Ph.D. program, students have several fields of faculty and research emphases to focus their independent thesis research.

Our graduates, with their backgrounds in problem solving and experience in performing pioneering research, are in high demand. They readily obtain careers in industry, government laboratories, and academia at locations all over the world.

A masters degree is not required to apply to our Ph.D. program. Application criteria and recommended backgrounds of potential students are listed below. If your background doesn't exactly match what is recommended below, don't worry! Contact the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at the University of Southern Mississippi and we will look at all individual situations. Some typical backgrounds include polymer science or engineering, plastics engineering, chemistry and biochemistry, biology, physics, chemical engineering, and mathematics.

Recommended Background:

At least two semesters of

  • Organic Chemistry and Labs

  • Calculus

  • Calculus Based Physics with Labs

and one or more semesters of

  • Physical Chemistry or related coursework

Experience in a research lab (academic or industrial) is preferred but not required.

Required Materials

  • Graduate School Application and application fee

  • Transcripts/GPA

  • GRE scores (standard test, not subject area)

  • Three letters of recommendation

Admission to the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials is competitive and limited. Admission is granted typically for the Fall term, although Spring admission is possible. For more information, please contact us!

Graduate Recruiting Contact:
Prof. Yoan Simon; 601-266-4868;

Program Requirements

Specific details of the admission and program requirements are outlined in a separate handbook provided by the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials.

Click here to access the Handbook of the Polymer Science and Engineering Graduate Program.

Typical First Year Graduate Core Curriculum

Fall Semester

701. Organic Polymer Chemistry I (3 hrs)

702. Organic Polymer Chemistry II (3 hrs)

710. Polymer Physical Chemistry I: Solution Properties (3 hrs)

720, Polymer Techniques I (2 hrs)

745. Mechanics (2 hrs)730. Polymer Rheology (2 hrs)

Spring Semester

703. Organic Polymer Chemistry III (3 hrs)

711. Polymer Physical Chemistry II: Characterization (3 hrs)

712. Polymer Physical Chemistry III: Solid State (3 hrs)

721. Polymer Techniques II (2 hrs)

730. Polymer Rheology (2 hrs)