Polymer Science Association (PSA)

Polymer Science Association

The Polymer Science Association (PSA) is an undergraduate service association devoted to supporting polymer science undergraduates in their academic endeavors. It also serves as an outreach program to science-minded high school students in Mississippi and helps raise awareness for polymer science and the USM School of Polymers and High Performance Materials in our community. The PSA's activities involve recruiting, conducting science experiments and demonstrations, providing tours, and organizing school events.  The PSA is advised by Bret Calhoun and Heather Broadhead . They invite experts to lecture on various topics of interest to the group, including resume and portfolio building, career opportunities in industry and academia, and summer internships.


2017-2018 Officers:

Kaden Stevens - President
Alex Ivey - Vice-President
Harrison Livingston - Secretary
Gilberto Rodriguez - Treasurer 


If you are interested in joining PSA, please contact one of the officers listed above.