The President's Vision

The University of Southern Mississippi will be the model for public higher education across the country. This vision will be achieved by pursuing excellence in six key areas:

1. Ensuring Student Success through

  • Providing support for the implementation of a comprehensive student success and retention effort;
  • Initiating a success curriculum for underprepared students to promote degree attainment; and
  • Increasing student retention, progression and graduation rates at all benchmark levels.

2. Expanding Enrollment Strategies through

  • Enhancing the quality of students’ educational experiences;
  • Identifying high-interest degree programs and degree program markets that have the potential for growth; and
  • Developing targeted recruitment strategies to attract top performing students from across the state, region, and expanded out-of-state markets.

3. Enhancing Academic Instruction through

  • Identifying and capitalizing on our academic program strengths;
  • Ensuring that all academic program components support student retention, progression and graduation; and
  • Exploring alternative course delivery formats.

4. Fostering Greater Focus on Research through

  • Expanding the depth and breadth of funded research programs;
  • Extending the tradition of quality research production;
  • Increasing the quantity of overall scholarly research output;
  • Promoting undergraduate research opportunities; and
  • Growing commercialization activities that move technological research initiatives from the laboratory to the business incubator and ultimately to new businesses in the marketplace.

5. Bolstering Economic and Community Partnerships through

  • Identifying ways to partner with local and state communities in mutually beneficial projects;
  • Initiating an extensive alumni membership campaign to include alumni special populations;
  • Promoting strategic economic development that will attract more businesses to the region and utilize academic research to bolster the local and state economy; and
  • Creating new and expanded employment opportunities for well-prepared alumni.

6. Maximizing Human Potential through

  • Hiring high quality, diverse and talented individuals;
  • Utilizing their expertise more effectively; and
  • Building staff training, development and compensation programs to recruit and retain the best faculty and staff in this competitive industry.