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Department of Procurement and Contract Services

Asset Works




1.     Go to


2.     Database: USM


           Service: Asset Management


·        Click Sign In


3.     Sign In with your user ID and password


·        Click Sign In


4.     To research an asset: Go to the Home Tab


·        Under the Quick Search Box Enter the Asset Number (you do not need to enter the prefix 256-)


·        Click Search – This will give you the Description and Serial # of the asset.


·        Click the pencil icon under view for more information or to change info.


·        The only information you are allowed to change is: Building (name or number), Room #, and Person Responsible. If you make any changes click Save Asset at the top.


5.     To receive or create a transfer: go to the Transfers Tab


·        For receiving a transfer enter the Transfer # in the Quick Search box.


·        Under View click the pencil icon.


·        At the bottom of the page click Receive.


·        In order:  Change the Status to Received, Enter the Building, Room, and Person Responsible, Click Save


·        For creating a transfer: click the plus sign (+) on Create Internal Transfer Enter the Location/Person. Use the magnifying glass for a list of departments and property contacts.


·        Under remarks note where the asset is going and if you know who it is for.


·        Click Create.


·        Enter Asset Numbers to be transferred (one at a time) and click Add Asset.


·        When finished adding assets click Print Detail and send printout with asset to new location. Exit.


6.     To run reports: Under the Reports Tab.


·        Next, under Report Name. Click the red arrow for Assets by Location Report filtered by Location.


·        For Department # change the question mark (?) to 256


·        For Location Code change the question mark (?) to your Department Code (ex.130002).


·        Click Run Report.


·        Click Print to PDF Print.


·        This report will give you a list of all the active assets in your department.




7.     Under the Reports Tab.


·        Then under Categories (on the left side).


·        Click Transfer Reports.


·        Click Transfers (Open, Internal)


·        Click Run.


·        Print


·        Look through this report once a month to see if you have any transfers either created or received, that have not been accepted.


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