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Department of Procurement and Contract Services

Audits of Equipment

Types of Equipment Audits

  • State Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • In House Audit

State Audit
Equipment audits are performed on a regular basis by the Office of the State Auditor, Property Division.  There are two goals associated with this type of audit.  The first is to locate all of the items listed on the departmental inventory.  The second goal is to add to inventory any item not currently on inventory that meets the criteria of inventory.  The audit process consists of two parts: an initial audit and a follow-up audit.  During the initial audit, it is the responsibility of the departmental property representative to locate each item on the departmental inventory printout.  The follow-up audit is required in the event that inventory items could not be located during the initial audit. Any inventory items not found after the follow-up audit will be considered missing on the final audit summary.  Upon completion of the follow-up audit, there are two ways for the University to close the audit: 1) locate the missing items, or 2) remove the missing items from inventory as missing/stolen.  The Office of the State Auditor will close the audit only after all missing items have been accounted for and all items found not on inventory have been added to inventory.  Reports of the initial audit results, follow-up audit results and items found not on inventory are made available to the Institutions of Higher Learning and the Legislature for review, so every effort should be made to locate all items during the initial audit.

Internal Audit
Property Accounting will conduct periodic equipment audits.  The following considerations shall serve as a guide in determining scheduling priorities:

  • departments where a change is department head has occurred
  • areas where non-compliance with guidelines could result in severe penalties to the University
  • known problem areas
  • dollar value of equipment
  • time elapsed since the last equipment audit
  • special management requests
  • request from an administrative authority

In-House Audit
Departments are required to conduct an In-House Audit on an annual basis. These In-House Audits are scheduled by Property Accounting and are to be conducted immediately prior to the State audit.  In this way, most inventory problems can be resolved prior to the State audit. Property Accounting will notify each department when the In-House Audits should be performed. Property Accounting will provide instructions for these In-House Audits.

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