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Department of Procurement and Contract Services

Employee Reimbursement Report

The employee reimbursement report in SOARFIN shows the reimbursement payments made to an employee. This report can be accessed if you have been to the SOARFIN training class through the Office of the Controller and have been granted access to SOARFIN reports.


Here are the steps to run it:

1. Go to USM Procedures > Employee Reimbursements.

Funds will become available on the business day after the ACH check process has been initiated (possibly longer depending on the receiving bank), for vouchers meeting audit requirements and deemed an allowable expense. Subject to the banks electronic ACH file transmission cut off times. Prior to utilizing funds, please check with your bank and ensure funds have been deposited. Please contact your bank directly if your funds are not available.

2. If this is your first time running this report you will need to add a new run control.

  • Click Add a New Value.
  • For Run Control ID, enter “employeeReimbursements” without quotes.
  • Click Add.

3. If it is not your first time running the report, then do the following:

  • When you are in the Find an Existing Value tab, enter "employeeReimbursements" without quotes.
  • Click Search.

4. Enter a emplID without the "W" in front of it. Example: 123456.

5. Enter a calendar year.

6. Click Run.

7. Click OK.

8. Click Process Monitor.

9. Wait until the Run Status is Success and the Distribution Status is Posted.

10. Click on Details.

11. Click on View Log/Trace.

12. Click either the PDF or the CSV to view your results. The CSV can be imported into Excel.

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