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Frequently Asked Questions Rentals

1. Who holds the State Contract for rental vehicles?

2. Can I use my P-card to rent a vehicle?

Yes BUT only at car rental agencies that have a state contract with the State of Mississippi

3. Can I allow someone else to use my P-card to rent a vehicle?

No. Renters without a P-card in their name will not be able to use a P-card belonging to someone else. Renters can pay for the rental, out of pocket, and seek reimbursement upon completion of your trip or use one of the other contract providers.

4. Can I use my personal credit card and get the same rates?

As long as you provide the “State Contract Number (XZ55012)” to the Enterprise rep you will be charged the state contract rates if you are using a personal credit card instead of the P-card. When paying with a personal credit card you will be charge tax. Tax is reimbursable. The P-card is the only instrument that is tax exempt. Always make sure to select the least expensive vehicle to meet your needs.

5. Can I use my P-CARD to purchase gas for the rental car?

The State P-CARD Policy will not allow any gas to be charged on a P-CARD.

6. I charged gas on my P-CARD, what do I need to do?

7. I forgot to fill the vehicle up before I returned it and they charged gas on my P-CARD, what do I need to do?

The following steps need to be taken to resolve the charges:

1. Contact the rental office that you rented the vehicle from and ask them to charge your personal credit card and to take it off of the P-CARD. If that cannot be done then follow steps A, B & C below.

a) A deposit for the amount charged on your P-CARD needs to be made in the Bursar’s office. The Bursar’s office is located in Forrest County Hall – Room 101. They will accept a check or a credit card for payment. If your department does not have a deposit slip, there will be deposit slips available in the Bursar’s office. BE SURE to use the same account code and budget string that you used on your Resolve transaction.

b) The teller will give you a copy of the deposit slip. Scan the deposit slip and upload it to your Resolve transaction.

c) To be reimbursed for the above expense, you will need to complete a Travel Voucher. Send the Travel Voucher along with a copy of the original receipt and a copy of the deposit slip to Travel at Box 5104. Reference that the receipt has been uploaded in Resolve.

8. When is a waiver required?

When requesting authority to rent a vehicle with a cost greater than the medium/intermediate size. When renting a Full Size car, Luxury car or a Sport Utility Vehicle, or using a company not under state contact. The waiver should be attached to your Travel Voucher or Credit Card Voucher when submitting it for payment. Waivers can be found on the Travel website under Travel Forms and Instructions

9. What account codes do I put on the Credit Card Voucher when submitting to Procurement for payment? Click on link “Account Codes for Monthly P-card Processing”

10. Sales tax was charged to my P-CARD for my car rental used In-State.

Contact the rental office and let them know that sales tax was charged to your P-CARD and it needs to be credited off. Ask them to send you an e-mail confirming it and attach it to your Credit Card Voucher for the current month and attach it again the following month when the credit shows up.

11. Can a non-employee drive a rental car?

The rental car contact is for University or State Employees only. If a non-employee is required to drive a rental car, CDW/LDW must be purchased. An approved waiver will be required for reimbursement by the employee renting the vehicle.

12. Are one way rental allowed?

One way rentals must show a cost savings. Some one way rentals will incur additional charges such as a drop fee. See rental company Program Summary for fees or contact the Travel Office at x64131.

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