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Department of Procurement and Contract Services

Sole Source Procurement


Single Source and Emergency Procurements

Effective July 1, 2015, the laws pertaining to single source purchases and emergency purchases by state agencies and institutions have been changed. The following is a brief overview, but we urge you to consult with Procurement Services if you have any questions related to a purchase that may fall under either of these categories.

Please note that each type of request (Sole Source, Research, etc.) will require Purchasing to request the authority to purchase (known as a P-1) from the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration’s (DFA) Office of Purchasing and Travel (OPT).


Sole Source Request: 

Prior to claiming an item is a single (sole) source procurement, we are now required to post a notice of a proposed sole source procurement on a state website for 14 days.  In addition we are required to advertise such notice in a newspaper, once each week for two consecutive weeks. The notice must contain certain information as prescribed by law and state requirements (Requirements). The notice also must provide a procedure to follow for anyone that objects to the purchase.

We have developed a template found below for the "Notice of a Proposed Sole Source Procurement."  The department should complete the form and submit it to Procurement via email.  The email should also indicate the name and contact information for the person within the department with expertise to answer questions related to the request.

Once an item has been certified as sole source, the Director of Procurement or his/her designee shall conduct negotiations, as appropriate, as to price, delivery, and terms.

If, after the required procedure is followed, the item is certified to be a sole source item, we must then submit a request to the DFA Office of Purchasing and Travel (OPT), requesting approval of the purchase.  That request must include a letter request outlining the results of the procedures that have been detailed above.  Upon electronic approval from OPT we may issue a purchase order.  It should be noted that this process will probably take about one month or longer to complete.
Notice of Proposed Sole Source Procurement


IT Sole Source Request: 

Technology-related acquisitions require following similar procedures when the total IT related purchase exceeds $5000.00 regardless of what is being purchased.  This includes, but is not limited to, equipment, services, licenses, and maintenance.  Some guidance on these procedures can be found here, but more details can be obtained by contacting iTech at computer.ordersFREEMississippi.   


Emergency Purchase Request:

If an emergency does not threaten the health or safety of any person, or the preservation or protection of property, we are required to seek and obtain approval from OPT prior to making the purchase. If an emergency does threaten the health or safety of any person, or the preservation or protection of property, after proper declaration by the President of the University, we may make the purchases required to meet the specific needs created by the emergency situation. In either case the letter declaring the emergency must include information using the following Sample Letter. Further information on emergency purchases can be found here.    

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