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Procurement and Contract Services

Standing Orders for Fiscal Year 2021

It is time again to begin processing standing order requests for FY21. Departments are encouraged to use their procurement cards instead of requesting standing orders whenever possible.

If any of your standing orders have contracts or quotes, please send the updated contracts and quotes to Please note only a limited number of people on campus have the authority to sign contracts. If you have a contract that needs signature, please forward it to Procurement and Contract Services for review.

If there have not been at least 10 payments made against a standing order, please do not enter a requisition for a new standing order. Standing orders should be used for purchases that cannot be processed on the procurement card and are made at least on a monthly basis. Standing orders will still be required for Fuelman.


Basic steps to copy a requisition for a new standing order requisition in SOARFIN:

  1. Click the Requisitions icon or navigate to Purchasing – Requisitions – Add/Update
  2. Add a New Value-Click Add
  3. Copy From
  4. Requisition ID (enter requisition #, with five zeros before the number and search)
  5. OK
  6. Do you want to copy? Click Yes
  7. Update the Requester – If Necessary
  8. Requisition Defaults
  9. Change Due Date - 06/30/2021
  10. Verify the Budget String under Distributions and Update if Necessary
  11. OK
  12. OK (Due Date out of range)
  13. View All
  14. Mark All
  15. OK
  16. Edit Comments
  17. Use Standard Comment for Standing Orders
  18. Comment type – CAN
  19. Comment ID – 197
  20. Insert FY20 PO number that will be replaced by this new PO
  21. OK
  22. Line Descriptions – Change FY Dates to 2020-2021
  23. OK
  24. Save
  25. Run Budget Check/Status
  26. Change the Approval Status (click the green check mark)

If you have any questions regarding standing orders or entering requisitions, please contact Jessica Whitten at 601-266-5174 or email Jessica.L.TurnerFREEMississippi.

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