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Travel Expense Direct Deposit FAQs


 1.  When will funds be available in my bank account?

Funds will become available on the business day after the ACH check process has been initiated (possibly longer depending on the receiving bank), for vouchers meeting audit requirements and deemed an allowable expense. Subject to the banks electronic ACH file transmission cut off times.  Prior to utilizing funds, please check with your bank and ensure funds have been deposited.  Please contact your bank directly if your funds are not available.


2.  How will I be notified that the University has prepared a Direct Deposit on my behalf?

The payment system will generate an automatic email notification at the time the payment is created (this will occur when email notification becomes available in the near future).  Until the system generated email notification is available please allow at least two weeks for the processing of your Remittance/Travel Voucher before checking your bank for deposit of funds.


3.  If my payroll is direct deposited can I opt out of having expense and travel reimbursements being direct deposited?

Remember that direct deposit saves the campus money and we are moving toward this service on all levels, therefore all expenses and travel will be paid in this manner.


4.  Can my expense and travel reimbursement go to a different account than my payroll check?

No, the expense and travel reimbursements system depends upon banking information already provided by employees for payroll.  If a payroll direct deposit relationship does not already exist, a check will continue to be issued.


5.  What if I change the account that my payroll is direct deposited into, does my expense and travel reimbursement account change also?

Yes, changes to your payroll direct deposit account will affect expense and travel reimbursements.  The request will automatically update A/P & Travel expense reimbursement records.


6.  Will my cash advances be direct deposited also?

Yes, (see website for Travel Advance qualifications)


7.  If my payroll is direct deposited, do I have to do anything for my expense and travel reimbursements to be direct deposited?

No, your expense and travel reimbursements will automatically go to the same account as your payroll.


8.  If I currently receive a paper check for payroll, will my expense and travel reimbursements be direct deposited?

We encourage those University Employees who are not currently set up for direct deposit to do so.  Until a direct deposit relationship is established a check will continue to be issued and sent to your department box on record.  


9. Can a non-employee/student have payments deposited directly into their bank account?

Non-employees will receive a paper check sent to their current address on file. Students will receive a paper check sent to their department’s campus box.   


10. How do I see a report of my past reimbursement payments?

The employee reimbursement report in SOARFIN shows the reimbursement payments made to an employee. This report can be accessed if you have been to the SOARFIN training class through the Office of the Controller and you have been granted access to SOARFIN reports. 

Instructions on How to Run the Employee Reimbursements Report.

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