Recent Changes Regarding the P-Card

  • The University requires the purchase of printed items follow a specific set of policies and procedures.  Therefore, printing is not an allowable purchase on the procurement card.  All printing must go through the Office of University Communications.  University Communications provides the tools through which the University’s values, mission, accomplishments and more are shared with the world.  With the institution’s image always in mind, University Communications manages and protects the Southern Miss brand through communicating and ensuring adherence to graphic standards and writing styles guides. This includes the printing/artwork on apparel as well as other items.
  • Rental of vehicles using the procurement card must be for official University business.  It is very important that you list any additional drivers when renting a vehicle.  When using your procurement card to rent the vehicle, you will be considered the primary driver.  If you will allow someone else to drive the vehicle too, they need to be listed on the paperwork as well.  Only those directly carrying out University business are allowed to be listed as additional drivers.  Non-employee spouses, family members, or other non-employees are not allowed to be listed as additional drivers.


  • The Office of Purchasing, Travel and Fleet Management has decided to require a Food Purchase Form to be completed for ALL food purchases on the procurement card. Requiring the form to be completed for all purchases will take away the confusion on whether or not a form is needed to make the purchase.
  • OPTFM has updated the Food Purchase Form to accommodate bulk food purchases. There will be a check box for either a business meeting/event or a bulk food purchase that the requesting individual must mark. If the business meeting/event box is checked, complete the entire form. If the purchase is for a business meeting, attach an agenda to the back of the food form. If the purchase is a bulk food purchase, complete the "purpose" section on the form.