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Office of the Provost

Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Dr. Amy Chasteen

Dr. Amy Chasteen

The Executive Vice Provost supports the work of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, serving as the Provost’s designee in his absence and actively contributing to strategic planning, academic program oversight, budget management, and resolution of personnel issues across academic affairs.

In addition to broad work developing and implementing priorities in the division of academic affairs, Dr. Chasteen has primary responsibility for enrollment management, retention and student success, and faculty development at the institution. She also serves as the primary point of contact within the Provost’s office for student appeals, grievances, and complaint resolution.

Dr. Chasteen holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Michigan (1998). Her academic background includes specializations in gender and sexuality studies, diversity, culture and belief systems, and social change. Her academic research is now primarily focused on understanding generational differences, the power of culture and social change, and the dynamics of our increasingly diverse educational and work environments.

Ms.%20Raquel%20Goley is the Assistant to the Executive Vice Provost, and she manages her calendar, works with students seeking grade appeals, and manages responses to students on probation, among other responsibilities.

Executive Vice Provost Areas of Oversight

  Enrollment Management

Lead Administrator: Dr. Randall Langston (Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management)


  Retention and Student Success

Lead Administrator:  Dr. Julie Reid (Associate Vice Provost for Student Success)

  Faculty Development, Teaching and Learning

Lead Administrator: Dr. Kelly Lester (Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning)


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