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Digital Measures


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▶︎ Where do I put information regarding CEU completion? 

These can go in the Faculty/Professional Development Activities screen and the certification certificates/evidence can be uploaded for that course/certification. 

▶︎ How far back in my career should I enter my information? 

Currently, the only pre-populated information from SOAR and SOARHR is from 2016. It really depends on the individual preference but we recommend 5 years of information—and it doesn’t have to be entered all at once. 

▶︎ Will I be able to prepare my annual evaluation teaching schedule and narrative statement report from Digital Measures? 

Yes—if that is something that your school is using this year. it is a report template that is already prepared. It will pull from the data you entered, as well as the SOAR data regarding courses taught, advisees, etc. This is one of the many efficiency features of Digital Measures in that it will pull from data you have already entered—publications, presentations, service, awards, etc. You can consider Digital Measures your “bottom desk drawer of evidence…but organized…”


Digital Measures Advisory Group

The Digital Measures Advisory Group was formed in the fall of 2017. The two main goals of the advisory group are to:

  1. Provide advice regarding Digital Measures to the Senior Associate Provost
  2. Serve as points of contact for faculty

Current Members

  • Dr. Alan Thompson, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Associate Professor of Marketing and Merchandising
  • Dr. Jennifer Anderson, Assistant Teaching Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Gulf Park)
  • Dr. Kyna Shelley, Professor of Educational Research and Administration
  • Dr. Marie Danforth, Professor of Anthropology
  • Professor Jennifer Torres, Art & Design
  • Dr. Robert Press, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Dr. Michelle Arrington, Associate Provost for Institutional Research
  • Allison Gillespie, Assistant Provost



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