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Office of the Provost

Faculty First Week Video Gallery


SOAR Tools and Advisement Best Practices

Learn to be a SOARing success when it comes to using our student information system—SOAR. This workshop focuses on locating class rosters, entering grades, and getting ready for advisement.



Reorganization Update

Progress update and next steps informational meeting



Digital Measures – Activity Insight

This workshop will introduce you to the power of using Digital Measures to simplify your reporting needs as faculty. It covers how to enter activities into the Digital Measures platform and how to make use of this data in a variety of ways.



School Document Workshop

This workshop leads participants through the guidelines for the School Policy and Procedures, Annual Evaluation, and Promotion and Tenure documents. As part of the Academic Reorganization, each school will write and update these governance documents in the upcoming semester.



Canvas Tools for Online and Face-to-Face Teaching

Canvas provides opportunities for lecture courses to provide students with materials and/or to allow them to upload assignments. This workshop covers uploading a syllabus, using the Gradebook, creating assignments and uploading documents.

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