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Scheduling Task Force



2018/2019 Scheduling Task Force Objective and Key Results

Task Force Charge: Prepare recommendations on course scheduling optimizations and practices so that full-time undergraduate students have adequate course access to complete degrees in four years.

Objective (2018/2019): USM will efficiently deliver GEC 01-06 courses by Spring 2020 to eliminate student GEC pent-up demand.


  • Key Result 1: Develop a policy recommendation for GEC course section offerings that span the academic calendar (days/times/sessions/delivery mode)

     Initiative: Study section offerings for similar courses at comparable institutions (to include online offerings)


  • Key Result 2:Develop a policy recommendation for course caps to include GEC courses

     Initiative: Study course caps for similar offerings at comparable institutions (to include online offerings)


  • Key Result 3:Develop a recommended GEC 01-06 course schedule that would maximize student access to GEC 01-06 courses (face-to-face)
Initiative: Study potential demand for GEC 01-06 course offerings for intersession and 8W1/8W2

Class Scheduling Guidelines

The delivery of the curriculum is central to the mission of the University, and scheduling is a complex process involving analysis of student needs, institutional resources, policy and accreditation parameters, and pedagogical strategies.

View Scheduling Guidelines



Class Meeting Patterns

The Standard meeting patters are designed to alleviate time conflicts for students and faculty and to allow maximum usage of all classroom space in addition to maintaining classroom contact minutes in accordance with IHL requirements. As much as possible, departments should schedule their courses according to the standard meeting patterns shown here.

View Standard Meeting Patterns



2018 Membership

  • Eric Tribunella, Chair
  • Jake Schaefer
  • Stacey Hall
  • Joseph Peyrefitte
  • Jeff Hinton
  • Joe Olmi
  • Edward Goshorn
  • Lachel Story
  • Elizabeth Cranford
  • Robin Johnson
  • Nichol Green
  • Kate Howard
  • Doug Masterson, Ex Oficio
  • Amy Miller, Ex Oficio


2017 Scheduling Task Force Summary

Task force make-up, charge, proposal summary, federal guidelines, institutional factors and student benefits, faculty benefits, contact minutes, room utilization impact, etc.

Download 2017 Summary

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