Nina Bell Suggs Endowed Professorship

The Nina Bell Suggs Endowed Professorship was established to recognize an outstanding junior faculty member. Based on available funds, the Suggs Professorship will be awarded annually to a junior faculty (untenured tenure-track assistant professor) for outstanding accomplishment and professional promise. The recipient of the award will use the title “Nina Bell Suggs Professor” until the faculty member is promoted to associate professor or until the faculty member leaves the University. The amount of the professorship is based on the annual spending allocation from the endowment and it will fluctuate from year to year. Should funding not be available, the professorship may not be awarded.  Applications are due by January 31, 2019.


  • All applicants must be untenured tenure-track assistant professor in good standing at The University of Southern Mississippi in their second, third, or fourth year working toward tenure (the award recipient must not be tenured or promoted during the first year of the endowed professorship).
  • To be eligible, an individual must be within 10 years of receiving the terminal degree and with no more than six years of service as a faculty member (at all institutions combined). Time as a visiting faculty member is not included.
  • An individual may apply for the professorship in multiple cycles but may not receive the award more than once.

Submission Guidelines:
Applicants should submit the following:

  • a narrative of no more than three double-spaced pages that addresses professional accomplishments as a junior faculty member.
    In addition to the narrative, applications must include the following:
  • Recommendation letters (three total - one must be from chair or director. Of the two remaining letters, either or both may be from individuals outside The University of Southern Mississippi). Letters should not only discuss prior accomplishments and current activity but should also address the individual’s potential for contributions to the University, the discipline or profession, and/or the community.
  • Brief two-page vita highlighting most relevant accomplishments. Up to two additional pages (or equivalent) of supplemental materials--not narrative--may be submitted if necessary to support the application. Examples of supplemental material include bibliographies, images, music samples, and links to products.

Evaluation of Proposals:
Applicants will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the narrative (for general audience)
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Professional promise, supported by recommendation letters
  • Individuals not meeting the eligibility requirements or applications not addressing all submission criteria, not submitted by the deadline, or in the required format will not be considered for this professorship. 

Process and Timeline:

  • Application materials are due by 5:00 pm on January 31, 2019 and must be submitted together at one time. The review committee may not consider applications that have missing material or documents. Funds will be distributed after July 1, 2019. The recipient(s) will be recognized in Spring 2019 during the Faculty Awards Ceremony.

Distribution of the Award:

  • Funds may be used as desired by the recipient and will be distributed to the recipient as a one-time award through University Payroll. Taxes will be withheld from the final award amount.
  • Application materials are due by 5:00 pm on January 31, 2019 and must be submitted together at one time. The review committee may not consider applications that have missing material or documents

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