Offices of the Provost


Mission of Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Provost is the chief academic officer and the senior university officer next to the President. The Provost is the President’s principal adviser in all matters pertaining to the development and execution of a well-conceived and organized curriculum, administered and taught by a faculty of the highest qualifications. The Provost oversees academic planning and budgeting and works with the Vice Presidents to accomplish the University’s educational objectives.

The mission of the Provost and Senior VPAA’s office is to support and enhance a creative, inclusive, academic environment in which students participating in the university’s diverse teaching, research, and service programs may flourish by acquiring, advancing, and applying knowledge. Along with the Provost, the Vice President for Research, the Deans of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business and Economic Development, Education and Human Sciences, Nursing and Health Professions, University Libraries, Graduate School, and Honors College, as well as the faculty governance bodies provide leadership and support in achieving the mission of the University to drive academic excellence and promote scholarly and creative activity.

Faculty governance bodies include the Councils of Academic Excellence, comprised of the Undergraduate Council, Graduate Council, Council of Directors, and the Faculty Senate provide a critical and essential advisory function at the institution, improve communication channels, both to the administration and to the faculty body, and provide leadership in achieving the academic mission. In addition, the Office of Online Learning and the Center for Community Engagement also provide support for faculty efforts to drive academic excellence and promote scholarly and creative activity.


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Steven R. Moser

Dr. Steven Moser

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Administration Bldg, Room 204

Dr. Dee Dee Anderson

Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice Provost
R.C. Cook Union, Room 211 

Dr. Amy Chasteen Miller

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Administration Bldg, Room 201

Casey Maugh Funderburk

Dr. Casey Maugh Funderburk

Vice Provost for the Gulf Park Campus
Hardy Hall, Room 218


Dr. Douglas Masterson

Senior Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
International Center, Room 509

Daniel Norton

Dr. Daniel Norton

Associate Provost of International Programs
International Center, Room 401


Michelle Arrington

Dr. Michelle Arrington

Associate Provost for Institutional Research
International Center, Room 512

Kate Howard

Kate Howard

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Admissions
Kennard-Washington Hall, Room 212

Allison GIllespie

Allison Gillespie

Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs
International Center, Room 509

Debby Hill

Debby Hill

Assistant Provost and Director of Academic Scheduling
Lucas Administration Bldg, Room 201

Lashonda Thompson

Lashonda Thompson

Budget Director for Academic Affairs
Administration Bldg, Room 201

Bethanie DeFatta

Executive Assistant to the Provost
Administration Bldg, Room 204


Christina Foreman

Administrative Assistant to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Administration Bldg, Room 201