Electronic Submission Process 


Academic Year 2018-2019

The promotion, tenure, and pre-tenure review document submission process has transitioned to an electronic process. What had traditionally been included in the “Volume II” notebook will now only be submitted electronically. This change was made to increase efficiency, and will reduce the time and resources needed for printing and transporting documents.

To facilitate the committee review and recommendation process, candidates will still prepare a single dossier binder with Volume I - Required Printed Materials to be submitted to the school/unit to initiate the review process. This includes both tenure stream and teaching track faculty.

In addition to electronic files of the Volume I - Required Printed Materials (Sections A, B, and C), the Online Dossier will ALSO contain sections for teaching/librarianship; research, scholarship, and creative activities; and service (what has traditionally been the “Volume II”). Refer to the instruction information provided below.


USM Promotion and Tenure Forms and Instructions



Promotion and Tenure Calendar 


Electronic File Submission Format and Instructions:

How to UPLOAD dossiers (candidates under review)

How to ACCESS and review dossiers (School Faculty)


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Dossier Information 

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  1. Guidelines on Preparation and Submission of Evidence of Creative and Scholarly Activities

  2. Dossier Format
  3. Promotion Recommendation Form (Download and save to computer to fill out PDF form)

  4. Tenure Recommendation Form (Download and save to computer to fill out PDF form)

  5. Pre-tenure Review Recommendation Form

  6. Format for Pre-Tenure Review Dossiers


USM College Tenure and Promotion Documents

During the first  year of the new college structure, in the absence of newly revised promotion and tenure guidelines for a school, the existing governing documents may be used. For more information, refer to the Unification Policy (Bridge Policy) regarding the revision of evaluation documents.


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