Room Scheduling Procedures

1.     Colleges and departments will have access to build the class schedule in PeopleSoft between October and December for the following summer, fall, and spring semesters.

2.     The classroom assignment process will begin approximately three (3) months before a semester starts.  At this time, the Registrar’s Office will send a memo to the deans and department chairs specifying deadlines.

3.     Colleges and departments should review the scheduling preferences that have been entered in Ad Astra for their classes.  Changes to preferences should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  A deadline for receiving changes will be given.

4.     Instructors must receive training prior to using HVUC rooms.  As confirmation of training is received, the Registrar’s Office will grant HVUC room usage security to the instructor in Ad Astra.

5.     Some rooms, such as conference and seminar rooms, have been removed from the optimizer in Ad Astra.  Departments wishing to schedule classes in these rooms must provide a list of the room assignments to the Registrar’s Office so manual room assignments can be made.

6.     The Registrar’s Office will create room assignments based on the scheduling preferences provided by the colleges and departments.  Room assignments will be made using the maximum enrollment capacity entered by the department in the Schedule of Classes.

7.     A scenario file will be provided to each college Ad Astra liaison for review.  A deadline for receiving changes will be given.

8.     The liaison will be responsible for sharing the results of the scenario file with others in the college.  The liaison will collect necessary room changes and will share this information with the Registrar’s Office.  (Necessary implies that a valid reason is given for the room change – i.e., need special equipment that is not in room, enrollment exceeds room capacity.)

9.     The Registrar’s Office will make the necessary room changes to the scenario file.  Any unused, unrestricted space will be used to schedule classes.

10.  The scenario file will be finalized and moved to production so that room assignments can be viewed in SOAR by students, faculty, and staff. 

11.  At this point, the Registrar’s Office will not make any room changes without Provost approval.

12.  It is recommended that prior to adding classes after rooms have been assigned departments contact the Registrar’s Office for available space/times. 

13.  The departments will submit Change of Schedule forms with appropriate signatures to the Registrar’s Office to add new classes.  Existing room assignments will not be changed to accommodate the new classes.  Room assignments will be made wherever space is available.