Scheduling Task Force

View the Scheduling Task Force Summary (PDF) and 2018-2019 Calendars Proposal (PDF)

The Scheduling Task Force was formed in Fall 2016 in an effort to review the academic semester start and end dates in order to accommodate the expansion of intersession courses to 3 weeks.  This campus-wide task force focused on ways to improve student success and retention efforts in conjunction with enrollments in various terms and sessions.  The change in the academic calendar would require additional modifications to the standard meeting patterns and various business processes.


Novemeber 13, 2017 Update 

The Fall 2018 term is available in Ad Astra for departments to make adjustments in the schedule until February 1, 2018.

Please read the following details carefully.

  • In Ad Astra, the Fall 2018 schedule has been created from a copy of the current fall term (4181). These courses have already been assigned meeting times that fit in the recently approved schedule and calendar plan. Class schedules will be copied from these Ad Astra/Excel files to SOAR in February.

  • Attached you will find an Excel file of this newly drafted Fall 2018 term that you can use to make notes of any necessary changes (see below).

  • Department schedulers for all Hattiesburg classes can make changes to section information in Ad Astra – NOT SOAR.

  • Department schedulers for USMGC classes will make changes to section information via the Mach link below (Robin Johnson will coordinate).

  • Department schedulers for online classes can make changes to section information in Ad Astra.

Modifications allowed in Ad Astra

  • Change a day of week of an existing section to another day/timeframe within the new meeting patterns for fall 2018.
  • Change a meeting time of an existing section to another meeting timeframe within the new meeting patterns for fall 2018.
  • Delete an existing section.

Greshka German-Stuart, Hattiesburg; and Robin Johnson, USMGC, both from the Office of the Registrar, are your points of contact for any of the following three actions:


Use this Mach form link to address any of the following schedule updates.  Once the updates have been entered into Ad Astra, departments can see the updates. 

1.  Section additions

  • A department needs to add a section of a course
  • A department needs to add a newly approved course if approved by Academic or Graduate Council.
  • A department needs to add another meeting pattern of an existing section, for example, a class that meets Fridays and Saturdays but only the Friday timeframe is listed.

2 Combined and/or cross-listed courses

  • Courses that are cross-listed (400/500) or combined with another subject area (SOC/WGS) and need to meet in the same room at the same time.

3.  Intersessions

  • Intersession courses were not offered in fall 2017 so we didn’t have information to copy to Ad Astra. If your department would like to offer an Intersession, please use the ‘add a section’ process indicated above in #1.  


  • You will notice that instructors are not assigned to courses in Ad Astra. Departments will assign Instructors in SOAR at a later date.  We encourage you to keep a log of the instructors and EMPLIDs for data entry at a later point.

Modification of APPROVED meeting patterns

  • If a department needs to offer a class at a time and/or day that is not part of the approved class schedule or meeting pattern, the unit administrator will need to formally request an exception to the newly approved schedule of meeting patterns. This request should be made by memo through the Dean of the college to the Provost and should include a detailed explanation regarding why the alternative scheduling is necessary.

Helpful Links

Units will have access to make changes to the fall 2018 schedule until February 1, 2018.  The spring 2019 schedule will be sent out in the coming weeks and the same process will be used to update that term.  However, the tentative deadline for the spring 2019 term will be August 1.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact and we will be happy to assist with scheduling needs.


October 24, 2017 Update  

The Executive Cabinet reviewed the proposal on September 19, and President Bennett approved the calendar proposal October 3, 2017, for the new schedule to become effective Fall 2018.  Associated tuition fees will continue to be reviewed during the 2018-2019 year with the tentative plan to be phased in the following year.

The next step is for the Fall 2018 schedule to be downloaded and updated with new meeting patterns through the Provost Office before being distributed to the academic departments the week of November 6.  Additional details will be provided at that time.