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30-DAY FOLLOW UP –APRIL 8 , 2017 at 4 pm

DEADLINE FOR SPRING 2018:  OCTOBER 8, 2017 at 4 pm
30-DAY FOLLOW UP – NOVEMBER 8 , 2017 at 4 pm  


Faculty Enlight

Summer and Fall 2017 textbook and course materials will need to be entered into our affiliated bookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Faculty Enlight systemFaculty Enlight is a live database that contains the data from 3 previous terms for each course along with the appropriate ISBN, costs, editions, etc., to aid the academic units in determining the appropriate textbook needed for selection. Along with the interactive ordering process, additional faculty resources are available in this system for faculty to research text usage at peer institutions.

The ‘process’ for textbook selection will not change as a part of this new system. Faculty will continue to determine which textbooks and course materials are needed in accordance with the Southern Miss Textbook Policies and submit to the department’s textbook liaison to enter into Faculty Enlight. If a faculty member has an account established by Barnes & Noble, and they request a textbook, the submission will go only to the department liaison via email who must, in turn, approve in Faculty Enlight for the bookstore to process the request.  Reports to review the textbooks and course materials requested can be run through Faculty Enlight. A report (query) to determine the ‘incomplete’ sections must be run within SOAR. If a new section is added with a ‘Change of Schedule’ form, the textbook entry will be delayed one business day as SOAR updates Faculty Enlight in a nightly file sync.

Barnes and Noble will update in SOAR the ‘COMPLETE’ status for each section with an adoption. As the textbook adoption deadline approaches, departments should run queries within SOAR to determine any outstanding sections that need an adoption.  



To determine textbooks not complete for the COLLEGE:

CLG_TEXT_ALL_COMP_PND_NONE - Texts Status for All College

To determine textbooks not complete for the DEPARTMENT:


Training and account access for data entry within Faculty Enlight are available through the Textbook Manager at Barnes & Noble.  Contact the manager at tm045@bncollege.com.


Helpful Links


Policy Documents


Textbook Exception Requests

Please use the following Textbook Exception Request Form link below to submit for review of the following:

  • Minimum of 3-year adoption cycle

  • Multiple sections with different materials

  • Requested beyond the deadline




After completing the form and obtaining the appropriate signatures, please submit with the required documentation (emails from ODA and Barnes & Noble ) for approval to the Office of the Provost Box #5002 OR scan and email to Allison Gillespie. Upon notification of approval, the department textbook liaison is responsible for entering the new textbook information into Faculty Enlight.