Evan Dart

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Peer-mediated Behavior Interventions, Integrating Technology into School Psychology, and School-Based Behavioral Consultation

Curriculum Vitae

Currently Teaching

  • PSY 374 – Educational Psychology
  • PSY 621 - Theories of Learning
  • PSY 774 - Behavioral Consultation in School Psychology
  • PSY 792 - Ethics and Law in School Psychology

Recent Publications

Dart, E. H., Radley, K. C., Battaglia, A. A., Dadakhodjaeva, K., Bates, K. E., & Wright, S. J. (in press). The Classroom Password: A Class-wide Intervention to Increase Academic Engagement, Psychology in the Schools.

Radley, K. C., & Dart, E. H. (in press). Antecedent Strategies to Promote Children’s and Adolescents’ Compliance with Adult Requests: A Review of the Literature. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review.

Fischer, A. J., Dart, E. H., LeBlanc, H., Hartmann, K., Steeves, R., & Gresham, F. (in press). An Investigation of the Acceptability of Videoconferencing within a School-Based Behavioral Consultation Framework. Psychology in the Schools. 

Radley, K. C., Dart, E. H., O’Handley, R. (in press). The Quiet Classroom Game: A Class-Wide Noise Reduction Intervention. School Psychology Review.

Collins, T. A., Cook, C. R., Dart, E. H., Socie, D., Renshaw, T., & Long, A. (2016). Improving Classroom Engagement Among High School Students with Disruptive Behavior: Evaluation of the Class Pass Intervention. Psychology in the Schools., 53, 204 - 219.

Dart, E. H., Furlow, C. M., Collins, T. A., Brewer, B. A., Gresham, F. M., & Chenier, K. H. (2015). Peer-mediated Check-In/Check-Out for Students At-Risk for Internalizing Disorders. School Psychology Quarterly, 30, 229-243.

Cook, C. R., Xie, S. R., Earl, R. K., Lyon, A. R., Dart, E. H., & Zhang, Y. (2015). Evaluation of the Courage and Confidence Mentor Program as a Tier 2 Intervention for Middle School Students with Identified Internalizing Problems. School Mental Health, 1, 1 – 15.

Radley, K. C., Dart, E. H., Furlow, C. M., & Ness, E. J. (2015). Peer-mediated discrete trial training within a school setting. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 9, 53 – 67.

Dart, E. H., Collins, T. A., Klingbeil, D. A., & McKinley, L. E. (2014). Peer Management Interventions: A Meta-Analytic Review of Single-Case Research. School Psychology Review, 43, 367 – 384.

Cook, C.R., Collins, T. A., Dart, E. H., Vance, M. J., McIntosh, K., Grady, E.A., & DeCano, P. (2014). Evaluation of the class pass intervention for typically developing students with hypothesized escape-motivated disruptive classroom behavior. Psychology in the Schools, 51, 107-125.