Evan Dart

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Peer-mediated Behavior Interventions, Integrating Technology into School Psychology, and School-Based Behavioral Consultation

Curriculum Vitae

Currently Teaching

  • PSY 374 – Educational Psychology
  • PSY 621 - Theories of Learning
  • PSY 774 - Behavioral Consultation in School Psychology
  • PSY 792 - Ethics and Law in School Psychology

Recent Publications 

*Bold names indicate student co-authors

Dart, E. H., Radley, K . C., Mason, B. A., & Allen, K. (in press). Addressing Escape-Maintained Behavior for Students with Developmental Disabilities: A Systematic. Psychology in the Schools. 

Radley, K. C., Dart, E. H., Battaglia, A. A., & Ford, W. B. (in press). A comparison of two procedures for assessing preference in a classroom setting. Behavior Analysis in Practice.

McHugh, M., Radley, K. C., Tingstrom, D. H., Dart, E. H., & Barry, C. T. (in press). Incorporating ClassDojo technology with the tootling intervention: Effects on classwide disruptive and academically engaged behavior. School Psychology Review.

Radley, K. C., Dart, E. H., & Wright, S. J. (in press). The Effect of Data Points per X- to Y-Axis Ratio on Visual Analysts Evaluation of Single-Case Graphs. School Psychology Quarterly.

 LaBrot, Z. C., Radley, K. C., Dart, E. H., Moore, J. W., & Cavell, H. J. (in press). A component analysis of behavioral skills training for effective instruction delivery. Journal of Family Psychotherapy.

Dart, E. H., Radley, K. C., Fischer, A. J., Collins, T. A., & Terjesen, M. D., Wright, S. J., et al. (2017). Accuracy in direct behavior rating is minimally impacted by completion latency. Psychology in the Schools, 54, 1123 – 1133.

Dart, E. H., Radley, K. C., Furlow, C. M., & Murphy, A. N. (2017). Using Behavioral Skills Training to Teach High School Students to Implement Discrete Trial Training. Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice, 17, 237 – 249.

Radley, K. C., Dart, E. H., Moore, J. W., Lum, J. D., & Pasqua, J. (2017). Enhancing appropriate and variable responding in young children with autism spectrum disorder. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 20, 538 – 548.

Fischer, A. J., Dart, E. H., Radley, K. C., Richardson, D., Clark, R., & Wimberly, J. (2017). An evaluation of the effectiveness and acceptability of teleconsultation. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 27, 437 – 458.

Lynne, S., Radley, K. C., Dart, E. H., Tingstrom, D. H., Barry, C. T., & Lum, J. D. (2017). Use of a technology‐enhanced version of the good behavior game in an elementary school setting. Psychology in the Schools, 54, 1049 - 1063.

Dart, E. H., & Radley, K. C. (2017). The Impact of Ordinate Scaling on the Visual Analysis of Single-Case Data. Journal of School Psychology, 63, 105 - 118.