James Moore

Director of Training, ABA Emphasis Program

Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Research Interests

Teaching matching and discrimination skills to children with Autism, Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, Functional Analysis Methodology, Behaviors Maintained by Negative Reinforcement, Teacher/Staff, integration of service delivery across home and school settings, and Parent Training in Behavior Analysis


Current Teaching

PSY 275 – Developmental Psychology

PSY 331 - Medical Aspects of Development Disorders

PSY 385 - Applied Behavior Analysis

PSY 400 – Health Psychology

PSY 432 – Behavioral Interventions

PSY 773 – Advanced Behavioral Interventions in School Psychology


Selected Publications

Fisher, W.W., Kodak, T., & Moore, J.W. (2007). Embedding an identity-matching task within a prompting hierarchy to facilitate acquisition of conditional discriminations in children with autism. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 40, 489-499.

Moore, J. W., & Fisher, W. W. (2007). The effects of videotape modeling on staff acquisition of functional analysis methodology. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 40, 197-202.

Mueller, M. M ., Sterling-Turner, H. E. & Moore , J. W., (2005). Towards Developing a Classroom-based Functional Analysis Condition to Assess Escape-to-Attention as a Variable Maintaining Problem Behavior. School Psychology Review,34, 425-431.

Moore, J. W., Fisher, W. W., & Pennington, A. (2004). Systematic application and removal of protective equipment in the assessment of multiple topographies of self-injury. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 37, 73-77.

Moore, J. W., & Edwards, R. P. (2003). An analysis of aversive stimuli in classroom demand contexts. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 36, 348-359.