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Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and behavior. Psychology majors learn about human development, learning and mental health. They often pursue careers in social services, sales, education and research. Many psychology majors pursue graduate degrees in counseling and various specialties in psychology.


You may be good at psychology if you are:

  • Good with people; enjoy interacting and helping others.
  • Someone who often shows compassion for the human condition.
  • A critical thinker and interested in understanding the brain and behavior.


You can earn either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS). The BA includes 9 hours of foreign language; the BS includes an additional 9 hours of electives. Both prepare students for additional graduate study or employment.

The BA and BS degrees are also offered on the Gulf Coast campus:


What can I do with a Degree in Psychology?

The biggest benefit of the psychology degree is flexibility. Graduates with backgrounds in psychology can go into virtually any field and find that their background in human behavior, the brain, research and helping skills is useful in achieving their career goals.

Most psychology graduates pursue careers in business, education, health, the environment, human performance, education and public safety (

 A small number of psychology graduates pursue more traditional career options which include:  

  • Psychiatric Technician
    • Assist in the care of individuals with various mental health concerns
    • Bachelor’s Degree required
    • Median Income: $30,000
  • Mental Health Counselor
    • With a master’s degree, counselors provide counseling in hospitals, private practice, schools, or other mental health facilities.
  • Psychologist
    • With a doctoral degree, you can provide counseling, engage in psychological assessment, consultation, supervision, research and teaching at the university level

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The Psychology Department at USM:

  • Psychology is one of the most popular majors on campus and across the nation.
  • We are the only department in the country with accredited programs in Clinical, Counseling and School Psychology. We also have a doctoral program in Experimental/ General Psychology and terminal master’s programs in Counseling Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Support services through the Student Advisement and Success Center are offered throughout the year, including advising, career planning and tutoring.