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School of Psychology

Psychology at Southern Miss

Two degree options available: 


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School of Psychology Highlights

  • The School offers a 1-credit Orientation course for new majors to assist students in developing strong academic skills from the start and to build as sense of community for new majors. 

  • Approximately 25% of all psychology undergraduates participate in hands-on training by serving as research lab assistants in faculty research labs. Undergraduates assist with research publications and present research at regional and national conferences. 

  • High achieving Juniors are eligible for the Psychology Scholars Program, designed to prepare students for careers and graduate study in Psychology. 

  • Undergraduate students are frequent recipients of University (e.g., Eagle Spur), Regional (e.g,. SEPA), and national awards

  • We are proud to report that 50% of our graduates surveyed last year reported attending graduate school. The majority of the remaining students reported being employed in areas such as mental health fields, business and education. 

  • Content experts from across the various psychology disciplines make up the faculty in the Department of Psychology. We are one of the only departments in the country with accredited programs in all major areas of psychology (School, Counseling & Clinical Psychology). 


What classes will I take? 


The School of Psychology offers a wide range of classes. Many degree requirements offer options which allow students flexibility in selecting coursework and other training experiences. 

Required classes may include: 

  • Careers in Psychology
  • Behavioral Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • Senior Seminar
  • Developmental, Child or Educational Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology, Sensation & Perception, Behavioral Neuroscience and Theories of Learning
  • Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology or Multicultural Counseling
Elective options include: 
  • Drugs and Behavior
  • Adulthood and Aging
  • Workshop in Counseling Skills
  • Counseling Theories
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
Students are paired with a faculty mentor who provides career guidance and support throughout their program of study. Academic advisors are housed in the Student Advisement & Support Center. Advisors meet each semester to assist with course selection and to ensure students remain on the path to graduation. 

What can I do with my Psychology degree?


The biggest benefit of the psychology degree is flexibility. Graduates with backgrounds in psychology can go into virtually any field and find that their background in human behavior, the brain, research and helping skills is useful in achieving their career goals. Most psychology graduates pursue careers in business, education, health, the environment, human performance, education and public safety.

Psychology majors learn about human development, learning and mental health. They often pursue careers in social services, business/sales, education and research. Many psychology majors pursue graduate degrees in various helping disciplines as well as research specialties in psychology.

You may be good at psychology if you are:

  • A critical thinker and interested in understanding the brain and behavior.
  • Good with people; someone who enjoys interacting and helping others.
  • Someone who enjoys analyzing and solving problems.

Helpful Career Links 


Are there scholarships & awards available?

Yes! Scholarship applications are available by visiting: Psychology students should pay particular attention to the Larry & Elizabeth Payne Education and Psychology Scholarship Fund and the Zed Houston Burns Scholarship Fund. 

The School of Psychology offers three awards, offered annually for students displaying outstanding academic achievement. Applications are available HERE.

Outstanding Undergraduate Research AwardAny undergraduate student involved in research is eligible. To apply, students must fill out the application and provide a 500 word summary of their project.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award
One award is given at each academic level: sophomore, junior, and senior. Students are evaluated on criteria such as GPA and achievements in psychology (e.g., research involvement, clubs, leadership roles, community work, etc.). 

Outstanding Graduate Research Award
All graduate students are eligible. Theses and dissertations are welcome, but submissions are limited to one per student. To apply, students must complete the application and provide a 500 word summary of their project.Students are responsible for completing application materials, obtaining faculty signatures, and submitting materials by February 16, 2019. Please contact Dr. Dan Capron (daniel.capronFREEMississippi) with questions.Completed applications can be sent to Dr. Capron, School of Psychology, Box 5025, or emailed to dan.capronFREEMississippi.


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