About the Seminar

Recognizing the perceived conflict between incorporating writing/speaking and course content, the Faculty Seminar on Speaking and Writing Pedagogy aims to help faculty create a classroom environment that supports learning through writing and speaking and strengthens students’ writing and speaking.  The seminar provides a supportive space for discussing teaching struggles, for reexamining the role of writing and speaking in the curriculum, and for rethinking taken-for-granted teaching strategies.  The seminar is facilitated by Dr. Wendy Atkins-Sayre, director of the Speaking Center and associate professor of Communication Studies, and Dr. Melanie Barthelme, director of the Writing Center and senior lecturer in the Department of English.

The Faculty Seminar on Speaking and Writing Pedagogy meets each Wednesday from 1 – 3:15 p.m. during the spring semester and is held on the Hattiesburg campus. Participants must attend each session for the entire time and complete all readings and assignments on their due dates.  The seminar is open to all full-time Southern Miss faculty members (at the rank of instructor and above) teaching undergraduate classes as part of their teaching load who have not participated previously.  Up to ten faculty members will be selected to participate. Upon completion of seminar requirements (including attendance at all sessions and completion of all assignments as directed by the facilitators) participants will receive either a $1500 stipend or reassigned time.  (For faculty electing reassigned time, departments will be reimbursed $1500.)

Fellowship applications will be posted here and announced via USM mailings in the fall semester.  For more information, contact the facilitators at Wendy.AtkinsSayre@usm.edu or Melanie.Barthelme@usm.edu.