Finding a Voice - QEP Advisory Board

The purpose of the Finding a Voice QEP Advisory Board is to support and guide the development, implementation, and assessment of the Quality Enhancement Plan, Finding a Voice: Improving Oral and Written Competencies.


  • Serve as advocates of the Finding a Voice initiatives and liaisons to their respective departments and/or areas
  • Review and make recommendations for continuous improvement of all aspects of the Finding a Voice initiatives, including but not limited to, implementation, and development of the plan, assessment planning and data collection, and the budget.
  • Ensure that the Finding a Voice initiatives, including the faculty development seminar, the Writing Center, and the Speaking Center, are institutional-wide initiatives rather than departmental-initiatives
  • Provide guidance for the Impact Report of the Finding a Voice QEP, which is submitted to SACS five years prior to the institution's next decennieal review. (This includes an explanation of significant changes and a description of the QEP's direct impact on student learning.)

Advisory Board Bylaws (PDF, 3 pages)

Helpful Links and Resources:

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Timeline Charts for 2015-2019 (PDF, 3 pages) (Note: The University of Southern Mississippi's next reaffirmation is in 2016. The Interim Report, including the QEP Impact Report, is due March 2012.)