Speaking and Writing Pedagogy Teaching Fellows

Fall 2012

Joanne Burnett, Foreign Languages and Literatures
SherRhonda Gibbs, Management and International Business
Holly Huye, Nutrition and Food Systems
Samuel Lyle, Mathematics
Amy Rosonet, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Keith Radley, Psychology
Weihua “Jenny” Shi, Finance, Real Estate, and Business Law

Spring 2012

Catherine Bomhold, School of Library and Information Science
David Echevarria, Psychology
Cindy Handley, Medical Technology
Steven Mark, School of Accountancy
Makayla Merritt, Human Performance and Recreation
Scott Palasik, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Jessica Sharp, School of Construction
Joseph Worley, Military Science

Fall 2011

Charkarra Anderson-Lewis, Community Health Sciences
Jennifer Anderson, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kristy Halverson, Biological Sciences
Geoffrey Hudson, Human Performance and Recreation
Gary Krebs, Human Performance and Recreation
Marsha Lay, Casino, Hospitality, and Tourism Management
Christopher Sirola, Physics and Astronomy
Jennifer Torres, Art and Design

Spring 2011

Mitchell Berman, Psychology
Lynn Boardman, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Kimberley Davis, School of Music
Gina Gayle, Mass Communication and Journalism
Bonnie Gerald, Nutrition and Food Systems
Bandana Kar, Geography and Geology
Shahid Karim, Biological Sciences
Jeffrey Kaufmann, Anthropology and Sociology
Melissa Murray, Human Performance and Recreation
Wesley Pollitte, Marketing and Fashion Merchandising
Daniel Savin, Polymer Science
Asim Yousafzai, Geography and Geology

Fall 2010

Kuppareddi Balamurugan, Criminal Justice
Mary Beth Farrell, History
Dana Fennell, Anthropology and Sociology
Desmond Fletcher, Construction
Damon Franke, English
Alina Gearba, Physics and Astronomy
Molly Clark Hilliard, English
Brian LaPierre, History
Richard Lopez, Human Performance and Recreation
Deidra Minor, Economic and Workforce Development
Susan Ross, Mathematics
Marek Steedman, Political Science
Anne Sylvest, Educational Field Experiences
Sheree Watson, Psychology
Sumanth Yenduri, Computer Science

Spring 2010

Laurel Abreu, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Carmen Carracelas-Juncal, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Michael Carroll, Human Performance and Recreation
Erin Drake-Bridges, Marketing and Fashion Merchandising
Brian Gearity, Human Performance and Recreation 
Babu George, Casino, Hospitality, and Tourism Management 
Alen Hajnal, Psychology
Benjamin Hardman, Philosophy and Religion
Scott Klingler, Library and Information Science
Amy Milne-Smith, History
Bob Press, Political Science
Douglas Rust, Music

Fall 2009

Mac Alford, Biological Sciences
Marija Bekafigo, Political Science
Jenny Bossaller, Library and Information Science
Monika Gehlawat, English
Kate Greene, Political Science
Jerry Griffith, Geography and Geology
Scott Milroy, Marine Science
Dohyoung Ryang, Mathematics
Amy Slagle, Philosophy and Religion
(Jonathan) Zheng Sun, School of Computing
Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Marketing & Fashion Merchandising

Spring 2009

Monica Hayes, Theatre and Dance
David Holt, Geography and Geology
Cynthia Littlejohn, Biological Sciences
Felicity Palmer, English
Derek Patton, Polymer Science
Carl Reese, Geography and Geology
Michelle Rose, Art and Design
Charles Sumner, English 

Fall 2008

Dana Coleman, Mass Communication and Journalism
Kelly Dial, Administration of Justice
Andrew Haley, History
Eura Jung, Speech Communication
Aimee Lee, Biological Sciences
Jae-Hwa Shin, Mass Communication and Journalism
Michael Webster, Human Performance and Recreation
Teresa Welsh, Library Information Science

Summer 2008

Doris Kemp, School of Construction
Mary Lux, Medical Technology
Wujian Miao, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Joseph Navitsky, English
David Paster, Tourism Management
Keith Rushing, Nutrition and Food Systems
M.D. Sarder, School of Construction

Spring 2008

Robert Bateman, Chemistry and Biochemistry 
LeAnne Cirlot, Human Performance and Recreation
David Duhon, Management and Marketing
Marilyn Foxworth, Curriculum Instruction, Special Education
Talai Osmonbekov, Management and Marketing 
Tom Osowski, School of Social Work
Fei Xue, Mass Comm and Journalism
Kyle Zelner, History

Fall 2007

Micheal Davis, Biological Sciences
William Goggin, Psychology
Rick Green, Human Performance and Recreation
John Lambert, Economics, Finance, & International Business
Akbar Marvasti, Economics, Finance, & International Business
Haiyan Tian, Mathematics
Shuyan Wang, Technology Education 
Julie White, Theatre and Dance

Spring 2007

Mary Anderson, Accounting
Jon Beedle, Technology Education
Samuel Bruton, Philosophy and Religion
Karen Juneau, Technology Education
Margaret Lochhead, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Daniel Monchuk, Economics
Shahdad Naghshpour, Political Science
Marlene Naquin, Mathematics
A. Louise Perkins, Computer Science
Linda Rodriguez, English
Sharon Rouse, Technology Education
Kelley Samblis, Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education
Jennifer Vonk, Psychology
Sumanth Yenduri, Computer Science

Fall 2006

José Contreras, Mathematics 
Elizabeth Haynes, Library Science
Luis Iglesias, English 
Greg O'Brien, History 
Jill Rushing, School of Nursing 
Sharon Vincent, School of Nursing 
Mark Wagner, Philosophy and Religion 
Kenneth Zantow, Management and Marketing

Summer 2006

Joyous Bethel, School of Social Work
Jerry Coleman, Geography
Lajuan Davis, Technology Education 
Diane J. Fisher, Technology Education 
David M. Holley, Philosophy and Religion 
Stan Lewis, Accountancy & Information Systems 
Joseph Peyrefitte, Management and Marketing 
Catherine H. Price, Tourism Management

Spring 2006

Juliana Abbenyi, English
Susan Hubble Burchell, Human Performance and Recreation
Daniel Capper, Philosophy and Religion 
Carley Causey, Art and Design
Bridget Hayden, Anthropology and Sociology
Nancy Howell, Computing 
Kant Vajpayee, Construction 
Brent Wolfe, Human Performance and Recreation 

Fall 2005

Anne Burgess, Child and Family Studies
Carol Connell, Nutrition and Food Systems
Susan Graham-Kresge, Community Health Sciences
Stephen Judd, Theater and Dance
David Marchman, Construction
Stacy Reischman, Theater and Dance
Cliff Summar, Human Performance and Recreation
Sheree Watson, Psychology
Andrea Wesley, Psychology
Delories Williams, Social Work