Task Force


1.  Design the process for identifying the topic.

2.  Facilitate input and dialogue regarding the topic across the University community.

3.  Submit recommendations for final topics to the Executive Cabinet



The work of the Task Force will take place during the 2013-14 academic year.  In summer 2014, a new committee will be appointed to research the topic further and develop the quality enhancement plan.



The QEP Topic Selection Task Force is comprised of 24 members, including 15 faculty members (2 from each of the University’s six colleges, the Faculty Senate President, 1 from University Libraries, and the Associate Provost), 3 students (1 undergraduate student representative from the Hattiesburg campus, 1 undergraduate student representative from the Gulf Coast campus, and 1 graduate student), and 6 staff representing the Alumni Association, Learning Enhancement, Professional Development (community liaison), Research Support, SACS-Quality Enhancement Programs, and Student Success.  The membership was developed in consultation with the Provost, academic deans, and Faculty Senate President.



Mary Ann Adams, Child and Family Studies, College of Education and Psychology

Tammy Barry, Psychology, College of Education and Psychology

Ann Marie Chilcutt, Student Government Association President

Mike Davis, Biological Sciences, College of Science and Technology

Jerry DeFatta, Alumni Association

Desmond Fletcher, Faculty Senate President

Adina Green, Student Success

LaQuita Gresham, Student Government Association – Gulf Coast

Julie Howdeshell, SACS-Quality Enhancement Programs, Office of the Provost

J.T. Johnson, Center for Research Support

Kathleen (Kathy) Masters, Nursing (Chair of QEP Topic Selection Task Force)

Ed McCormack, University Libraries – Gulf Coast

Scott Milroy, Marine Science, College of Science and Technology

Elaine Molaison, Nutrition and Food Systems, College of Health

Joseph Peyrefitte, Associate Dean, College of Business

Scott Piland, Human Performance and Recreation, College of Health

William Powell, Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation, Office of the Provost

Sheri Rawls, Director, Learning Enhancement Center, Office of the Provost

Jennifer Sequeira, Management and International Business, College of Business

Marek Steedman, Political Science, Int’l Development, and Int’l Affairs, College of Arts and Letters

Fred Varnado, Office of Professional Development

Whitney Wallace, Graduate Student

Mark Waymire, Music, College of Arts and Letters

Cindy Welch, Collaborative Nursing Care, College of Nursing