Resources - SWPBIS

SWPBIS provides the structure to develop discipline systems that address processes, routines, working structures and administrative supports that are needed to ensure consideration of valued outcomes; research validated practices; and conduct data-based decision-making to create a school environment that is proactive and educative. Each critical element must be in place for a school to be fully implementing SWPBIS.


School Readiness Checklist (docx)


Commitment Form (docx)

SWPBIS Overview (PDF)

SWPBIS Data Entry and Analysis (PDF)

Identifying School - wide Expectations (PDF)

Specific Rules for Specific Settings (PDF)

Developing a System for Teaching Appropriate Behavior (PDF)

Developing a School-Wide Reinforcement System (PDF)

Classroom Systems (PDF) 

Office Discipline Referral Process (PDF)

Establishing a SWBPIS Team and "Buy In" (PDF)

Building Faculty, Staff and Family Involvement (PDF)

School Wide Information System