Current Sport Clubs

Akido Club

  • Akido is a non-oppositional and non-competitive martial art, its movements are graceful and beautiful. Akido is typically practiced in pairs. One person strikes at or grabs the other. The person receiving the attack enters into a safe place and establishes a connection with the attacker, who is then pinned or thrown. Unlike other martial arts, the object is not to overcome or damage the attacker. Rather, it is to blend with and to redirect the force of the attack in a way that maintains the safety of both persons.

Badminton Club

  • The Badminton club is happy to welcome any interested members, regardless of experience level. The club practices regularly in the Payne Center.

 Bass Fishing Club

  • This is a club dedicated to forming a competitive bass fishing team for The University of Southern Mississippi where members will enjoy club tournaments as well as qualifying for competing in intercollegiate tournaments with colleges from across the nation.

Martial Arts Club

  • The Martial Arts club welcomes individuals of any skill and experience level. Practices are held in the Payne Center on a regular basis, and all that is required to attend is loose fitting athletic clothing---plain white uniforms are preferred but not required---and a willingness to learn. In addition to practices, the club also provides demonstrations, host social functions, travels to compete and provides rank testing.

Men's Soccer Club

  • The Men's Soccer club practices regularly in the fall and spring and plays against other club teams in the region. Any interested members are welcome to contact the club for more information.

Men's Rugby Club

  • The main goal of Southern Miss Rugby is to help every player mature in the sport and within themselves. We preach strength through unity, as we must depend upon each other to get things done. We push every player so that they can be better than they were the day before. When we work together effectively, it creates pride in the team, which develops into unity and brotherhood. Players will also find an uncommon bond with fellow rugby player all over the country --- it's a bond that only ruggers experience. If anyone wants to experience pride, true brotherhood and greatness unlike any other, they're welcome to step on the pitch and experience it. Rugby is for everyone: come as you are.

Table Tennis Club

  • The Table Tennis club practices on a regular basis in the Payne Center and travels to various tournaments around the region. The Club is always looking for new members, regardless of experience.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

  • Have you ever played Ultimate Frisbee? Do you enjoy the competitive nature of sports, but don't get to experience the thrill of victory quite as much anymore? Regardless of experience, you are welcome to come join in the excitement of competitive collegiate Ultimate Frisbee. The Ultimate Frisbee club competes in the region in several tournaments and scrimmages around the region. We also have a great time competing and hanging out on trips together and we welcome any new players.


Ballroom Dancing Club

Bowling Club

Muay Thai Club


Women's Lacrosse Club