Group Exercise Class Descriptions

AB Attack: Attack the core from all angles! Strengthening our core is vital for everyday living. This class will help strengthen your abdominals, obliques, and even lower back, offering you an all-around core workout!

Aquacise: Take your workout to the pool! This is a great class to get a full body workout while creating less stress on your joints and incorporating strength and cardio moves in the pool! Working out in water can be a great benefit for any age and all levels of swimmers are welcomed! Lifeguard on duty.

Butts & Guts: Need a new way to work on your lower body? Butts & Guts is the perfect class to help participants concentrate on the abdominals, lower back, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles through a variety of movements while using a variety of equipment.

Cardio & Core: Join us for a calorie burning workout to increase your cardio endurance while sculpting your core. This class will utilize all different kinds of equipment and incorporate different training techniques such as HIIT training to give you a great workout! All fitness levels are welcome.

Cardio Kickboxing: Need an hour of cardio and like to move to the beat? This is the perfect class for you! This class combines basic kickboxing moves that will keep you on your toes while moving to the beat. Come get a great cardio workout and relieve your stress by throwing punches and perfecting your kicks! No prior kickboxing training required!

EAGLE STRONG: This boot camp class will give you just the right amount of challenge and intensity from our very own Personal Trainers at the Payne Center. The is workout utilizes all forms of exercise like HIIT, strength training, cardio core, and plyometrics moves to give you an amazing functional workout! All fitness levels are welcome!

HIIT: Interval training done right. This class involves high intensity movements for a given time followed by short rest intervals. HIIT training keeps you guessing, but allows you to work at your own pace and get what you want out of your workout. All fitness levels are welcomed and all exercises can be modified.

Hip Hop Dance: This group format is a fun and energetic 50 minute class that takes hip hop dance to the next level! We will build our cardio and sculpt our bodies while dancing to today's hits. No dance experience needed and any fitness level is welcome! Together we will break a sweat, and have a blast while doing it.

Kettlebell Blast: Use the newest fitness equipment in this full body workout while incorporating cardio exercises to keep your heart pumping. Kettlebell Blast uses functional, compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance, providing a blasting calorie burn!

PiYo (TM): This isn't your ordinary Pilates/Yoga class. PiYo(TM) speeds everything up by introducing dynamic, flowing sequences that can burn serious calories as you lengthen and strengthen your muscles using a combination of yoga and Pilates moves to increase your flexibility.

Pilates: Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes use of the abdominals, lower back, hips and thighs.

Senior Stretch, Strength and Balance (SSB): This class focuses on functional movements that aim to increase your strength and improve balance and flexibility. These components are essential to a well-rounded exercise program and can offer a great variety to your exercise routine!

Step N Sculpt: This unique workout utilizes a step workout and strength training moves in one class giving you a great combined workout of cardio and strength!

Spin: Join us in our spin studio for an amazing cardio workout utilizing flat roads, hills, and intervals to keep you guessing and your heart rate racing!

TurboKick (TM): Like to dance? Prefer choreographed classes? Enjoy kick boxing? We have the class for you! This high intensity and fast paced class will get any hart rate pumping along with the hottest music mixes around!

TRX: NEW TO THE PAYNE! This class will demonstrate the versatility of the new TRX suspension trainers while giving you the strength, cardio, and core workout that you have been looking for. This is the perfect way to spice up your workout! All fitness levels and welcome!

Yoga/Beginner Yoga: This mind/body class utilizes basic Yoga movements to improve your flexibility, posture, and balance while strengthening the core. This is a great class to relieve stress and relax your mind! All fitness levels welcomed! All classes are modified for each fitness level and beginners are always welcomed in every class.

Zumba: Dance your way to a fitter you with exciting and unique Latin moves and rhythms.

20/20/10: This all in one workout will use a variety of equipment to give you twenty minutes of cardio, twenty minutes of strength training and ten minutes of core.