Forfeit Policy

  • If a team fails to appear with the required minimum number of players, ready to play, at the scheduled location at the scheduled start of the game, a member of the Intramural Sports Staff will declare the contest a forfeit.
  • Teams that forfeit will receive a "F" for sportsmanship and will be required to pay $15 to the Recreational Sports Office.
  • The captain of the forfeiting team will be suspended from play until the $15 forfeit fee has been paid.
  • Teams are only allowed one forfeit per sport per season. If a team forfeits twice, it will be removed fro the league for the remainder of the season.

Default Policy

  • If a team knows that they will be unable to play a scheduled game, the team Captain must contact the Intramural Sports Office by 12:00 p.m. the day of the contest to declare a default.
  • The defaulting team will receive a loss and a "B" for sportsmanship. There is no re-entry fee for a default.
  • Teams will be allowed one default per sport, upon the second default, teams will be removed from the league.

Sports Rules



4-on-4 Dodgeball Rules.pdf

4-on-4 Flag Football.pdf

Badminton Rules.pdf


Battleship Rules.pdf

Billiards Rules.pdf

Bowling Rules.pdf



Flag Football Rules.pdf


Kan Jam Rules.pdf


Mario Kart N64 Rules.pdf

Pre-Season Flag Football Rules.pdf

Racquetball Rules.pdf

Outdoor Soccer Rules.pdf

Soccer Rules.pdf



Table Tennis Rules.pdf

Tennis Rules.pdf

Ultimate Frisbee Rules.pdf

Wallyball Rules.pdf