Section 6: Participation

Article 1: Attire and Equipment
Participants must wear the appropriate athletic attire as prescribed in the rules for each activity.  For team sports, teams must wear matching jerseys with visible and individual numbers.  Please use proper judgment in selecting uniform artwork that is inoffensive.

Article 2: Jewelry and Accessories
Jewelry and ridged unyielding accessories are not permitted.  The Intramural Sports staff has the right to ban the use of any equipment.

Article 3: Blood Rule
When a player is bleeding, has an open wound or has blood on his / her uniform, that player will be directed to leave the game.  That player may not return until the bleeding has stopped, the wound is covered and the bloody uniform is changed. 

Article 4: Injury
Whenever a player sustains an injury that merits a stoppage of play, they must sit out until the next stoppage of play that allows them to return to the game. 

Article 5:  Equipment Checkout
A variety of equipment will made available at the game site.  Participants must exchange their student ID cards for equipment.     

Article 6: Photograph Policy
To better serve and protect the privacy of our participants, the use of photography equipment is not permitted during any activity without prior permission from the Marketing and PR coordinator.  This includes video cameras and cell phones.  

Article 7: Free Agency
The free agency allows individuals who are interested in participating in intramural sports but do not have a team to be recruited by existing teams.  Free agents should create a profile on and sign up under the free agency link.  Also, free agents are encouraged to attend the captain’s meetings to find a team.  Note: Registering as a free agent does not guarantee placement on a team.