Advisement FAQs

How do I...

  • Choose, declare, or change my major/minor?
  • Repeat, drop, or withdraw from courses?
  • Calculate my grade point average?
  • Determine my classification within the University?
    • Freshman      0-29 semester hours earned
    • Sophomore      30-59 semester hours earned
    • Junior      60-89
    • Senior      90 or more semester hours earned
  • Submit an appeal for grade review?
  • Know when I have fulfilled the requirements to graduate?
  • Graduate with Latin Designation?
  • Graduate with Honors?

Where do I...

  • Pick up repeat, drop/add, XXXX forms?
  • Find the name of my advisor?
  • Go for tutoring?
  • Take a foreign language placement test?
  • Find course transfer equivalencies?
  • Buy textbooks?

What is...

  • The different degree types?
  • Academic standing?
  • A full time load?
    • Twelve to nineteen hours is considered a full-time load for student the Fall or Spring terms. Twelve hours is considered a full-time load for students during the Summer term. Dropping below full-time status can affect financial aid, housing, and insurance status. Students considering dropping below full-time status should consult with ?????

Who can...