FAQs Student Information

1. How do I access the Academic Calendar?
2. How do I add a double major or a minor?
  • Students may add a double major or add a minor by requesting it through the department of the area they wish to add. Location varies by major, See Bulletin for Listing of Majors by College
3. How do I find out who my advisor is?
  • Students with an assigned advisor will have the advisors name appear on the SOAR student center in the Advisor box on the right of the panel. Students can click the details link to get contact information for the advisor.
  • Some departments have general departmental advisors and students can contact the academic department for specific academic questions.
4. What is Blackboard/WebCT?
  • Some courses that are offered via online can be accessed through the WebCT.  To access WebCT, go to https://soar.usm.edu and click the link to Blackboard CE6 (WebCT) on the left navigation. 
  • Use your student SOAR login and password to access your class information
5. How can I get a campus tour?
  • Students can request a campus tour through the Office of Admissions and Recruitment in Kennard-Washington, room 212 or calling 601-266-5000
6. How do I change my major and/or minor?
  • Students may change their major and/or minor by requesting it through the department of the area they wish to add. Location varies by major, See Bulletin for Listing of Majors by College
7. What is an Eagle email account?
  • Most University communication will be sent via students’ Eagle email accounts that are activated upon their admission to the University. Go to https://www.usm.edu/itech/microsoft-office-365 to learn more.
  • Students should check their Eagle email regularly and are discouraged from forwarding to less secure email accounts.
  • Students may access their Eagle email via the URL outlook.com/usm.edu.
    username: w123456@usm.edu
    password: CampusID password
8. How do I find out when my final exams are held?
  • The final exam schedule changes each term. Students should review the Final Exam schedule posted on the Registrar’s website http://www.usm.edu/registrar/exam-schedule for specific dates and times for each class. However, students should confirm with the instructors any changes to the class exam schedule.
9. What is the difference between auditing a class and a listener's license?
  • An audited class will show up on a student’s transcript with a grade of Audit and the student will pay the same tuition as a graded class.
  • A Listener’s License requires permission from the instructor and does not show up on the transcript. Registration for a Listener’s License is recorded in the Registrar’s Office in Kennard-Washington Hall, room 110. The cost of a license is $50.00 per class.
10. What do I do if I have multiple exams on the same day?
  • While no formal policy exists, students who have multiple final exams (normally 3 or more) that fall on the same day can provide documentation to the instructors involved to see if alternate test dates can be made.
11. How do I get a transcript sent somewhere?
  • Students with an active SOAR account may request a transcript to be sent to them or to a third party via their SOAR self service page.
  • Students may also request a transcript by completing the Transcript Request form via http://www.usm.edu/registrar/transcripts and faxing the form to 601-266-5816 or mailing it to the Registrar’s Office.  The transcript request form must have complete information including a student’s signature.
  • Transcripts can be sent via email or mailed and are $6.00 per transcript (Non-refundable).  Transcripts faxed are charged $5.00 processing fee (within the United States) - PLUS $6 per transcript charge; and transcripts sent via FedEx are charged a $20.00 processing fee (within the United States)  - PLUS $6 per transcript charge.
  • Depending on the student’s records and/or the intended destination, some transcripts cannot be sent via email.
  • Students may also pick up transcripts in the Registrar’s Office in Kennard-Washington Hall, room 110.
12. How can I get a copy of a transcript for me?
  • Students with an active SOAR login can view and print their own Unofficial transcript via their SOAR self service page.
  • Students can have a transcript emailed to their email account, mailed to an address, or picked up in the Registrar’ Office in Kennard-Washington Hall, room 110 with a valid photo ID.
  • Transcripts that students receive are noted as “Issued to Student” and are printed on security paper.  It is the discretion of the third party as to whether they will accept an “Issued to Student” transcript.
13. How do I see if my transfer credits apply to my degree?
  • Students with transfer credit must submit an official transcript from all institutions attended.  The transcript evaluator in the Office of Admissions Processing will evaluate the transfer credit and institution to determine if the transfer work is acceptable.
  • Some transfer work (particularly from Mississippi community and junior colleges) is considered as a direct equivalent to USM course work and will be posted as such.
  • Transfer work that is not considered as a direct equivalent will be posted as a general subject course.  Departmental advisors with the approval the chair and/or college dean’s office will determine if additional transfer work can be applied toward degree requirements.