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Office of Research Integrity

Cayuse FAQ


Why am I required to use Cayuse IRB?

Cayuse IRB streamlines the IRB approval process for both researchers and reviewers. All new IRB applications, modifications, renewals, and incident reports must be submitted through Cayuse IRB.


Who do I contact for help?

Please first consult Cayuse Support Material page for information regarding possible issues. 

Questions About Logging In

How do I log in?

To access Cayuse IRB go to

 What is my username and password?

Use your single-sign-on information. This is your unique ID (w123456) and password. This is the same username and password used to sign into Outlook and SOAR.

 I cannot log into Cayuse IRB. What's wrong?

To use Cayuse IRB you first must be registered in USM's Cayuse system. Most faculty and graduate students have already been added. If you have tried to login using your USM credentials and are unable to get in, you must be added to the system. To be added to the system, please fill out the Cayuse IRB Registration Form.

Uploads of new users will occur every Thursday night, and users will be able to sign in by the start of the business day on Friday. A completed Cayuse IRB Registration Form must be submitted by Wednesday to be uploaded the same week.


Questions About New Applications, Modifications, Renewals, and Incident Reports

How do I submit an initial submission, make a modification to my study, or renewal my study?

Please see our Cayuse Support Material page for information regarding these topics. 

What is the protocol review time?

Review times vary over the course of the year depending on reviewer availability, the volume of submissions, review type needed, and quality of the application.

How do I find out the status of the protocol review?


In Cayuse IRB, the status of your study can be found under the Submissions icon on the left side menu. You can also click on the specific submission for more details.

  • In-Draft: The submission has not been completed and/or submitted.
  • Awaiting Approval: The submission is awaiting PI, Co-PI, or Org Approver (School Director) certification.
  • Pre-Review: The submission is with the IRB Analyst office for pre-screening.
  • Under Review: The submission has been sent to the IRB Chair for final review.

Please see our Cayuse IRB Manual for information regarding these topics. 

If the above FAQ’s did not resolve an issue or additional support is required, please feel free to email irbFREEMississippi

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