D. Joe Olmi, Ph.D.

Department Chair and Professor, Department of Psychology

Professional training and practice of school psychology, school-based behavioral interventions, compliance training, child behavior management of preschoolers and early elementary aged children, attention deficit disorders (diagnosis and treatment in the home and school settings), and home-school collaboration.

Sample of Publications:

Everett, G. E., Hupp, S. D. A, & Olmi, D. J. (2009). Time-out with parents: A descriptive analysis of 30 years of research. Education and Treatment of Children.

Sarno, J.M., Sterling-Turner, H.E., Mueller, M.M., Dufrene, B.A., Tingstrom, D.M., & Olmi, D.J. (2009). Escape-to-Attention as a Potential Variable for Maintaining Problem Behavior in the School Setting. School Psychology Review.

Everett, G. E., Olmi, D. J., Edwards, R. P., Sterling-Turner, H. E., Christ, T. J., & Tingstrom, D. H. (2007). The importance of escape extinction in time-out procedures used to treat escape-maintained noncompliance. Behavior Modification.

Roberts, D. S., Tingstrom, D. H., Edwards, R. P., Olmi, D. J., Bellipanni, K. D., & McGeorge, A. T. (2007). An analysis of the effects of contingent praise, time-in, and effective instruction delivery on childhood compliance. Behavior Modification.

Everett, G. E., Olmi, D. J., Edwards R. P. & Tingstrom, D. H. (2005). The contributions of eye contact, instruction type, and contingent praise to effective instruction delivery in compliance training. Education and Treatment of Children, 28 (1), 48-62..

LeBourgeois, M., Avis, K., Mixon, M., Olmi, J., & Harsh, J. (2004). Sleep, sleepiness, and clinical subtypes of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Sleep, 27(3): 520-525.