Daniel Savin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Polymers and High Performance Materials

The research in the Savin group is largely associated with the applications of self-assembled polymers and block copolymers, with particular emphasis on solution characterization and property-structure relationships. The research projects can be broken into three broad categories: (1) Bio-inspired, responsive materials as drug delivery vehicles, (2) Energy absorbing nanocomposites and foams, and (3) Polymers for environmental remediation.  Our principal analytical tools are dynamic light scattering and rheology, although we invoke most polymer solution characterization techniques. We also rely heavily on microscopy (TEM and AFM) and mechanical testing (DMA, Instron, Dynatup).  Undergraduate students in my group gain experience in both synthesis and advanced characterization techniques.

Prof. Savin is the Director of the summer Research Experience for Undergraduates program for the School of Polymers, and is co-Director of the U.S.-India International Research Experience for Students in Self-Assembling Stimuli-Responsive, Biomimetic Polymers.  In five years at USM, I have hosted nine USM undergraduate students and 12 summer REU participants.


(# Indicates undergraduate student co-author)

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