Elena Stepanova, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology


My broad areas of interest are: social cognition, specifically conceptualization of social categories, effects of alcohol and nicotine on social judgments and effects of discrimination on alcohol cue-reactivity; and cross-cultural research, particularly explicit and implicit ethnic and racial attitudes.

In the conceptualization of social categories line of research, I explore the effects of within-group variability on person perception, implicit and explicit ethnic prejudice and stereotyping, and perceptions of attractiveness. Recently, I started investigating the link between alcohol-related cues and racial biases, as well as effects of discrimination on alcohol cravings. In my cross-cultural line of research, I address these effects internationally, examining the moderating role of socio-cultural context. Many of my research projects address applied issues as well (e.g., the reduction of prejudice).

 I am recruiting for undergraduate RA positions (Spring 2014). Please contact me at Elena.Stepanova@usm.edu, if you would like to receive information on how to apply.

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