Elizabeth Lentz

Assistant Professor, Department of Dance

In both my scholarly and creative research I am interested in the intersection between Dance and Theatre. What performance skills do each art form require? How can we best teach these skills to the next generation of actors and dancers? How can we use the blending of both art forms to create evocative dance theatre/physical theatre performance works, works that are grounded in specific human experiences but that also transform these experiences into lasting images for the audience to continue engaging with, even after the final performance?

My creative work includes choreographing and performing dance theatre works. My scholarly work includes researching the specific skills needed by actors and dancers ("movement artists" as I call us all) for dance theatre/physical theatre works, and developing exercises to help develop these skills.

I am willing to mentor creative works in all art forms, as well as work with scholars in all subjects to explore how art intersects with human experience, human education, and specific regional communities.