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Submission Procedures

The general procedures for submitting proposals are listed below. Each college/unit may have additional procedures for proposal development and submission; therefore, check with your department and college to determine if additional steps are required.

Contact ORA for assistance in identifying funding sources and acquiring guidelines on specific programs and development of a preliminary and/or full proposal.
After completing a rough draft of the proposal, contact ORA to set up an appointment to discuss and develop the budget, receive guidance on completing required forms and answers to any general questions still remaining before submitting the formal proposal.
All proposals submitted by The University of Southern Mississippi on behalf of any faculty/staff member must complete an internal approvals process. While we are transitioning to a paperless process using Cayuse 424, we are using the Project Information Form (PIF) to gather information that cannot not yet be entered in 424. For assistance, please contact the ORA Coordinator or Administrator assigned to your department; or call 601-266-4119 or email ora-pam@usm.edu.
To serve you most effectively, we ask that you deliver the completed proposal to ORA 5-10 working days prior to the submission deadline. ORA staff will process, copy, and mail the proposal. The project director should verify with ORA staff whether they have all the necessary information for processing the proposal.
Award notification or declination generally takes several months. If the project director receives agency correspondence relating to the proposal, please check to ensure that the same copy was forwarded to ORA.
Should you receive a declination, we highly encourage you to obtain the "reviewers' comments" on your proposal. Some agencies will send them automatically; however, since this information is confidential, you may need to request in writing to receive them from the funding source. Foundations may be more reluctant in sharing this type of information, but you should always ask. In addition, if you are notified personally concerning the status of your proposal, please forward this information to ORA in order to insure proper continuation or closure of the account.

General Information for Proposals

Some of the more frequently requested information follows. Be sure to contact your ORA Grants Administrator early in the proposal process, to ensure that your application contains accurate information and meets the sponsor's requirements.

  • Applicant Legal Entity:  The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Type of Organization:  public, nonprofit, educational nonmedical
  • Federal Employer Identification Number:  64-6000818
  • DUNS #:  623335775
  • U.S. Congressional District:  4th
  • MS House District:  104th
  • MS Senate District:  45th
  • County:  Forrest

Additional information is available in the ORA Contact Information column at right, and on our FAQs page.


For information on ORA workshops, webinars and other events, contact our Information Specialist at sponsoredprograms@usm.edu or (601) 266-5054.