Miles Doleac, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Language and Literature

I am a historian, who works primarily on the Roman Empire and early Church, especially poverty and charity in Roman antiquity. My largest research project to date investigates the emergence of permanent, charitable institutions to serve the poor in late antique Rome, particularly under the bishopric of Gregory I (r. 590-604 CE). I also do some work on Alexander the Great.

In addition, I am an actor, writer and director of theatre and film. I recently wrote, directed, produced and starred in the independent feature, THE HISTORIAN, starring William Sadler, Colin Cunningham and John Cullum.

I have a proposal for my book, "Triclinium Pauperum: Poverty, Charity and the Papacy in the Time of Gregory the Great" out to Princeton University Press.

I am also under contract with Amber Books UK for a book entitled "Alexander the Great: The Soldiers Who Conquered the Ancient World." This work is completed and now being copy-edited.