Marija Bekafigo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, International Development and International Affairs

My research focuses on two areas: 1) leadership in the U.S. Congress and 2) the intersection of politics and social media.
I have worked with undergraduate students on several projects which have resulted in conference presentations and submissions to peer-reviewed journals.

5) “How is Leadership Exercised? Party Leaders’ and Committee Chairs’ “Actions.” Social Science History. Forthcoming.

4) “Who Tweets about Politics? Political Participation of Twitter Users during the 2011 Gubernatorial Elections.” 2013. Social Science Computer Review 31(5): 625-643 (with Allan McBride).

3) “State Parties 2.0: Facebook, Campaigns, and Elections.” 2013. International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society 9(1): 99-112 (with Diana Cohen, Jason Gainous, and Kevin Wagner).

2) “Are Minority Parties more likely to Campaign Online? Evidence from the American States.” 2013. The Researcher 26(1): 27-48 (with Diana Cohen).

1) “‘No Irish Need Apply’? Veto Players and Legislative Productivity in the Republic of Ireland, 1949-2000.” 2010. Comparative Political Studies 43(1): 91-118 (with Richard S. Conley).